The Road to Farley

The Road to Farley

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fitness Challenge Day 15 and Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Ummmm, yeah, nothing screams FAT like this photo of me. Oy vey. This pic was taken about 11-12 years ago at a company golf outing. I remember that it was ungodly hot that day, something like 105 and humid. (Hot...remember what that feels like? I've kind of forgotten this winter...but, I digress). 

I am pretty sure when this photo was taken I was at my fattest ever. I hate to admit that at the beginning of this year, I was actually close to that weight. I look awful, right? I am happy to report that since the first of the year (not just my "fitness challenge"), I have dropped 11.5 pounds. It's only scratching the surface, but keeping this picture posted on my mirror inspires me. 

I'm continuing my run/walk 5Ks and can report that this morning I completed the 5K in under 50 minutes. That's even 3+ minutes faster than I did in the real 5K I claimed to train for back in 2011. That was the last time I seriously tried to be a "runner." It's kind of weird, but I almost ... sort of ... have started looking forward to those morning 5Ks. I've temporarily abandoned the boot camp classes I was attending. I don't know if it's general old age or lack of physical shape, but my shoulders have been acting up lately, so I decided I needed to give them a respite from the boot camp classes. The way they have been feeling, I am worried that my water skiing career might also come to a premature end. 

Body - don't fail me now.

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